DOT / Non-DOT Drug Screens

Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset, NJ Provides Quick and Accurate DOT / Non-DOT Drug Testing. Our Urgent Care Clinic is Located at 84 Veronica Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873. Please Give Us a Call at (732) 992-6700 or Make an Appointment Online.

DOT / Non-DOT Drug Screens

Keeping a healthy staff is a proven way to increase your business productivity throughout the year. One of the ways to ensure that your team stays healthy and dedicated to their job is to provide drug screening before and during employment. Making sure that your employees are drug and alcohol-free is a foolproof way to gain revenue, maintain employee satisfaction, and keep a safe working environment for everyone. But drug testing can often be a bothersome task, since employees may have to go out of their way to get tests done.

At Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset, NJ our walk in clinic offers convenient drug testing appointments that can easily be made online or over the phone. Rather than scheduling a visit at a center weeks or months in advance, Central Jersey Urgent Care offers convenient and flexible appointments. At Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset, NJ our team can provide both DOT (Department of Transportation) drug testing or non-DOT testing as well as providing drug testing cut off levels and standards. DOT drug testing is a required part of the procedure to obtain a license, and non-DOT drug testing is often required by employers as well.

Both types of drug screenings are done to ensure safety and productivity in the workplace, and are an important component of the hiring process. All of our doctors are certified to provide DOT drug screening, and have the experience to provide accurate and timely results. Rather than waiting weeks for drug testing results, Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset offers faster results, all at an affordable price for employers.

The drug testing process is straightforward and does not consume a large amount of time at our walk in clinic. Once employees walk in for their appointment, they will immediately be helped by a member of our medical team. A urine sample is taken, and testing is performed on site at our laboratory clinic. One of the benefits of coming into Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset for all of your drug screening needs is that our test results are timely and delivered as soon as possible. The urine collection process is easy and straightforward, and test results are confidential. Our goal at Central Jersey Urgent Care is to provide employers with stress-free drug screening services, so that you can rest easy knowing that your business is in good hands.

If the drug screening services at Central Jersey Urgent Care sound like the right option for your business, we welcome you to give us a call or make an appointment online today. The process is easy and straightforward, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about costs and other details. Our medical team at Central Jersey Urgent Care in Somerset looks forward to helping your employees stay healthy and safe this year!

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Thank you Doctor Kahlon Tejinderpaul! You’re a competent and patient diagnostician. The assuring nature of your professional personality is just what one needs in an urgent care setting. Thank you!!!

Louise Hobbs

I would highly recommend this clinic. The receptionists, nurses, and doctors are all friendly and helpful. I don’t have my own primary doctor because I do not have a permanent residence yet, but I look forward to going to this clinic knowing that I am in good hands. Dr. Flowers is hands-down the best doctor that I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by.

Mary B

The doctors are thorough, the staff is pleasant and the wait time is always minimal. I highly recommend

Lisa Barclay

I like this place. I’ve been here a few times and always was met with professional courtesy. The nurses and doctors here are great. I had to get stitches on my toe today and the doctor did an amazing job. I feel well taken care of here.

Natalia Voicu